Clover Island Yacht Club

Board of Directors

Commodore - Dorothy Hansen


I have enjoyed membership in the CIYC for 25 years.  Over these years I have participated with my husband Dale in many CIYC activities including Lighted Boat Parades, organizing placement of mooring buoys in the local rivers for general public use, work parties, re-writing CIYC By-Laws and Rules, and have provided helping hands for special projects as needed.  After retiring with 35 years at Hanford from a senior management Human Resources position, we traveled to all seven continents as well as 50 states plus Puerto Rico.  Becoming a CIYC Board Member is a great honor and I plan to work very hard to help the CIYC continue to be a fun, desirable organization for friends to gather, play and work.



Vice-Commodore - Dan Bunn



My wife Kathie and I have been members for 25 years. I have served on the Board of Directors several times in the past, and look forward to again helping to govern the club.  I firmly believe that we're the best yacht club out there and we continue to prove that with our participation in activities, cruises, and social events.


Secretary - Ryan Smith

My wife Chayo and I have been members of the CIYC for 12 years now.  I have been an avid boater in the Tri-Cities almost all my life and enjoy the privilege and convenience that being a member the CIYC brings to my family as well as all of the friendships and good times we have experienced at CIYC.  My goals this year are to ensure transparency within the CIYC, protect the goals and values of the club, and ultimately help make the CIYC a place where we can all come to have fun and enjoy each other.

Docks Director - Mike Bass


My wife Kerry and I have been active members of CIYC for over 4 years.  In September of 2014 we purchased our first boat.  In March of 2015 we were invited to our first party at CIYC and quickly recognized the endless amount of knowledge and experience of the yacht club members.  It only took a few days for us to decide we wanted to join.  I look forward to helping to improve, manage, maintain and grow the yacht club!

Cruise & Entertainment Director - Tiffany Coffland


My husband Dan and I have been active members of the Clover Island Yacht Club since 2011, but we have been around CIYC since my parents Joe and Gail Tarcza joined in 1984.  We held our wedding reception at the clubhouse in 1987 and our family has enjoyed many activities with the club and its members.  Since joining we have hosted several events and participated in many others.  We see the members of this club as our extended family.  We are invested in the future growth and management of the CIYC and I am excited to be a part it!

Buildings & Grounds Director - Jim Sarpolus


My wife Ann and I moved to the Tri-Cities in 2003, but didn't discover the CIYC until 2010.  We joined this wonderful group in January 2011.  We didn't realize how much enjoyment could be had from owning a boat on the Columbia River, especially with the wonderful friends we have met through our membership and the activities we enjoyed with the CIYC.  I have served on the Board of Directors in the past, and now in retirement am excited to once again be able to offer my leadership and support to the CIYC.


Past Commodore - Kent McCue


My wife Wendy and I have been boating all of our lives.  We joined CIYC almost 5 years ago and I joined the Board of Directors three years ago.  We very much enjoy being involved with this avid group of boaters and take a lot of pride in making the club the best it can be.