Clover Island Yacht Club

Board of Directors

Commodore - Mark Cope


My wife Jamie and I have been members of CIYC for 6 years. In that short time we have made many friends and have helped with several club projects.  We enjoy the club and the fun that we have with the membership. I come from a boating family and have been boating all of my life. The entire family enjoys the freedom  that having our boat moored in our boat house offers. Both of our sons are junior members and enjoy participating in events and being around  the club as well. I look forward to serving as the Commodore for the 2017 year.


Vice-Commodore - Kent McCue



My wife Wendy and I have been boating all of our lives.  We joined CIYC almost 4 years ago and I joined the Board of Directors two years ago.  We very much enjoy being involved with this avid group of boaters and take a lot of pride in making the club the best it can be.  


Secretary - Dave Chojnacki

I have been an active member of the Clover Island Yacht Club for 

6 1/2 years.  My wife Olga and I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a part of a club that is always here to help each other.  We have definitely found not only great people that are always there to support one another, and now are extended family members forever!  I feel honored to serve on the CIYC Board.

Docks Director - Dave Hein


I've been affiliated with the Clover Island Yacht Club since the mid-eighties when my parents joined and I was introduced to boating with a club.  I watched my father (past Commodore) and friends work hard to make this club a place to truly be proud of and I am committed to being an effective board member.  I look forward to serving as the Docks Director for the 2017 year.

Cruise & Entertainment Director - Joyce Buxbaum


I have been a member of CIYC since 2010 and actively involved in many cruises and club events.  I believe CIYC is about sharing good times, reaching your arm around those in need, helping each other, and being your "other" family.  I bring over 30 years' experience in management and leadership and look forward to the opportunity to help lead the Clover Island Yacht Club.

Buildings & Grounds Director - Dorothy Hansen


I have enjoyed membership in the CIYC for 25 years.  Over these years I have participated with my husband Dale in many CIYC activities including Lighted Boat Parades, organizing placement of mooring buoys in the local rivers for general public use, work parties, re-writing CIYC By-Laws and Rules, and have provided helping hands for special projects as needed.  After retiring with 35 years at Hanford from a senior management Human Resources position, we traveled to all seven continents as well as 50 states plus Puerto Rico.  Becoming a CIYC Board Member is a great honor and I plan to work very hard to help the CIYC continue to be a fun, desirable organization for friends to gather, play and work.


Past Commodore - Jolene Grimes


I have had a great experience serving on the Board of Directors for the past several years.  Little did we know, when my husband and I joined the Clover Island Yacht Club, that the club members would soon become our best friends!  I look forward to helping continue to make the Yacht Club the best place to play!